my mission

Let the real you shine through.

I have been on a personal journey to learn to take better care of my WHOLE self. This journey is about learning to love myself again. Love the person I am now as I journey on to the person I hope to be. This isn't just about losing weight or being the picture perfect person that society wants me to be. This is about being the best version of ME that I can be and loving who I am as a WHOLE.

While I am on this journey I want to reach out to other women and help them to rediscover their own worth; to help them to learn to love themselves. It is my mission to create a community of women who empower and lift each other up. Women who embrace our individuality and loves each other just the way we are.

Through Agnes & Dora and my own community, I invite you to join us on this journey of self worth. I want you to know that you ARE worth it. You ARE amazing. You ARE unstoppable.

My wish is that we can all embrace who WE are, flaws and all. Because all those things that we may think make us imperfect, weird, or flawed are what makes each and every one of us UNIQUE. Let the real YOU shine through. She is amazing and deserves to be set free.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

We all have this hidden person inside of us just waiting to get out. This person who wants to get dressed up and feel good in the clothing that we are in. This little fashionista knows that you can be fashionable yet comfortable. With myself and Agnes & Dora, you can get in touch with your inner fashionista and bring her out for the world to see. There are many pieces that you can combine and layer creating different looks. Making each piece versatile and a great staple in your wardrobe.  From casual to office ready, Agnes & Dora has fabulous pieces that will help you be stylish while still feeling comfortable. Join my Facebook group, Shop with Becca Bonneville, to get a more in-depth look at the different styles.